Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 7 - Middlewich to Hereford

Two new cyclists today, we'd sent Des home this morning after the team enjoyed another curry last night in Middlewich, that boy can eat like a horse.  In his place the B Team (Wiggo and Froomey) had two fresh sets of legs as Saf and Billy saddled up for 95 miles down to Hereford with their fancy looking new bikes.
Two routes on offer today, the fast and direct A49, or the B roads and hills through Staffordshire Shropshire and Herefordshire.  Tommy and David, and the A Team went for the scenery. 
Wiggo and Froomedog took the fresh legs and headed for Market Drayton and Shrewsbury.
The A Team going cross country and sponsored again by Garmin for the day, went through the beautiful village of Audlum, where the union flags were flying.

Wiggo ad Froomey were testing Colin's map reading skills today as the four man peleton sythed its way through the country side, the van only managing to catch up with them once, thankfully all of his patience was rewarded as they shipped in half a cow's worth of roast beef sandwiches for lunch in Shrewsbury, followed closely behing by David and Big Tommy.
The A Team were enjoying the backroads emmensley, some 40mph plus downhills and a monster  climb up towards Iron Bridge for lunch at Much Wenlock.
Big Tommy and David were making swift progress once they turned the Garmin off. The B Team were zipping down the A49, the ATeam had an afternoon of B Roads to navigate through Shipton and into Ludlow. 
The final 30 miles from Ludlow into Hereford were lovely apart from the climb out of Leominster, that had Big Tommy and David cursing.  On the home stretch now the group continued down the A49 to Hereford  and Wiggo and Frommey were thanking the stars for their fresh legs, the extra power paying dividends as they took the Yellow Jersey (although they had covered 10 miles less then the others, it was a win nonetheless - well done boys)
The A Team followed them in for second, and nobody looked happier to cross the line than David and Big Tommy, who'd ridden their socks off, top werk fella's.
Tan Lines of the Day:  Thomas Ungi
95 miles banked, time for beer.
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