Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 6 - Kendal Middlewich

Yet again we awoke to a glorious morning, who says this UK weather is bad? There were also two new arrivals overnight - Benjy & Des. Des elected to ride with Froomey and Wiggo (Breaking News: the real reason Wiggo's pulled out of The Tour is that he's knackered himself out doing this!), while Benjy went team A.

There were two routes on offer today. One was flat, direct but busier roads and the other country lanes with hills. Team Froomey and Wiggo went for the former as did Tommy and Dayo. Team A with new recruit Benjy went for the scenic country lanes. With all set we were ready to go.   

Team A had the first of their mechanical issues for the day. Waltdog's Cosmic wheels had given him some more cause for concern by catching a gentle breeze and keeling over in the carpark. The result was serious damage to his rather tasty automatic gears. 5 miles on and they conked out. Bike shop needed and luckily we were near one in Lancaster. The OUTSTANDING The Edge Cycle Works. Three of the most helpful lads you could find.


 They were quickly on the case under the watchful eye of the Waltdog. After half an hour of emergency procedures it was fixed and off we toddled.

Just through Carnforth a big St Georges Cross flag stopped us in our tracks. It was Brenda Cordingly who had very kindly popped out to say hello with some much appreciated lucozades and chilled Mars Bars. Tommy and Dayo were just behind. Nice to get an action shots of them both. Tommy Snr was really chewing the road up.

 Back up into the hills for Team A and they were really beginning to hurt, but did give us some amazing views. The pictures don't really do them justice. The toll was causing Team A concern though, were they handing the yellow jersey back to Team Froomey & Wiggo?


Lunch in Preston was sorely needed. The aptly named Walton Fox looked perfect. Good to hook up with Nobby and his gorgeous daughter Mia. She had us all wrapped around her little finger (sorry picture not attached Mia, we will try and get in in for tomorrows edition).

Shortly after lunch Team A and Team Froomey & Wiggo ran into each other again on the other side of Wigan. The biggest concern was why Des had decided to ride with his helmet on backwards for 50 miles. Lots of laughs and he soon managed to figure it out!


Then it was the big race home between the two teams. Different routes, buckled wheels and missing team members all made it a thrilling finish. Team Froomey and Wiggo prevailed and take the yellow jersey into day 7 (a rookie win for Des too). Another cracking day from the gift that just keeps giving. Off for more curry, night everyone and again to our families we are missing you all.